What is the 5th Street Bridge Replacement Project?

The 5th Street Bridge Replacement Project is Yuba City’s largest and most complex multi-agency public works project to date replacing the now functionally obsolete two lane bridge built in 1958.

What are the goals and objectives of the 5th Street Bridge Replacement Project?

The goals of the project are to enhance public safety and upgrade this vital arterial facility with Caltrans standards and reduce travel delays in and around the project area by adding two additional through lanes across the Feather River.

How long will it take for this project to be constructed?

600 working days (anticipated start date 1-8-18, estimated completion is summer 2020).

Anticipated Schedule 5th Street Bridge Project.png

What are anticipated traffic impacts?

There will be advanced notification to the general public, residences, parks and business of closures. We will ensure all businesses have at least one open driveway during construction.

There will be pedestrian and bicycle access where facilities are currently present on at least one side of the roadways throughout the project area during construction.

During the first stage of structure construction, existing bridge, overcrossing and approach roadways will remain open.

During the second stage of structure construction, there will be a traffic switch to new structures. We will begin construction of the 2nd Street Overcrossing.

Adjacent and approach roadways will be staged and detoured as necessary to smoothly connect the new and existing structures for:

• Pavement Improvements along Bridge Street & 2nd Street in Yuba City and 5th Street east of the UPRR undercrossing and J Street in Marysville;
• Eastbound 5th Street on-ramp improvements (at Bridge Street);
• Westbound 5th Street off-ramp improvements (at Sutter Street) and on-ramp;
• Construction of two retaining walls;
• Removal of the 5th Street Bridge over 2nd Street;
• Removal of UPRR Bridges over 2nd Street and Bridge Street eastbound on-ramp to 5th Street.